Wazifa For Love Marriage In 3 Days

wazifa for love marriage

Wazifa For Love Marriage In 3 Days

Wazifa For LoverNobody in this world wants to lose his love. Getting a true love is not easy. After making lots of effort a person is able to get true love. But when a person loses his true love it is the worst thing that can happen with a person. His life becomes very dull. Everybody in this world needs a partner. Wazifa for love will be very helpful in getting your love back. 

Many people have this fear in their hearts that they might lose their love. So they become overprotective. They always try to keep a watch on their lover. To protect your love you can perform Wazifa for love. Some people are not able to get true love in their lives. They also want a true life partner but after lots of efforts, they are not able to get such a life partner. Wazifa for love will help them in getting true love. Wazifa for love is a very effective wazifa.

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Today many people commit suicide because they lose their lover. It is a very difficult situation for any person when he loses his lover. It often happens when we love someone it is not necessary that person will also love us in return. It is really heartbreaking when we love a person and that person does not love us in return. We try to make every possible effort to make that person love us. But sometimes after all efforts, we are not able to make that person love us. In such a case we can take the help of wazifa for lover. The wazifa for a loved one should be done after Fajar Namaz. It is one of the most powerful wazifa. Wazifa for love marriage in 3 days should be performed person alone in a separate room. 

Wazifa For Love Marriage

Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Wazifa To Get Married With Your Love is given  below: 

  1. Firstly make fresh wuzu.
  2. After that read Teesra Kalma 97 times.
  3. After that read this dua “ Ya Wadoodo”.
  4. Read this dua 587 times.
  5. Then take a glass of milk.
  6. After that read Surah Fatiha 89 times.
  7. Then give that milk to some poor people.
  8. After that read Surah Falak 14 times.
  9. Then take a bottle of Itar.
  10. After that read Sixth Kalma 15 times.
  11. After that blow your breath on that bottle of Itr.
  12. Then use that bottle on your clothes.
  13. After that read Sana 17 times.
  14. Perform this powerful wazifa for 4 days. 

Mostly a person is not able to perform a love marriage because of his parents. He tries to make every effort but still, he is not able to convince his parents. Every parent wants to select the life partner of his child of their own choice. But as time has changed the thinking of people has also changed. They want to perform married to a person whom they love. Islamic prayer for marriage will be very helpful in fulfilling their dreams.

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