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Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

dua to make someone talk to you

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

Is there someone who is angry with you and doesn’t want to talk to you? Do you miss someone and want to speak to them but they are not ready to have a conversation with you? Do you want to call someone but they are not answering your call? Well, if you are facing any of the above situations, then you should practice dua to make someone talk to you, and Insha Allah, the person you are missing will definitely give you a call in no time and will speak to you on their own.

If your parents, siblings, or any of your friends have ended all their connection with you and now you miss them and want them to miss you too, then you should recite dua for someone to talk to you. The dua will make them miss your presence in their life and they will come back looking for you. The dua to make someone talk to you will make them resolve the issue between the two of you. Even if it is your fault, then also the person will end the problems and resolve the fight and will be back to you as he/she was before.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Even if it is your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you miss and crave for, then dua to make someone miss you will make them miss you and think of you. They will instantly give you a call and would also meet you in person.  If you are expecting a call from someone but you haven’t got that call till now, then dua to make someone miss you will be of great help to you. It will make the person miss you and with that, he/she will call you instantly. It could be a business call or a personal call. It depends on your intention.

You can discuss the steps of dua to make someone miss you from our Molvi Sab and seek his advice. He will give you an accurate dua for it. Also, remember that you think of the person you want to talk to while reciting this dua. When you suddenly break connections with someone then it may take a lot to move on. But if you can’t move and still want to talk to that person, then dua to make someone miss you will make that person speak to you. No matter whose fault it is, the issue will get resolved and you both will again be on talking terms with one another.

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Dua To Make Someone Call You

Do you find someone magically impressive and your heart beats for that person? Do you really want to make that person aware of what your heart feels? But, this is not as easy as it sounds! Right, so why don’t you try dua to make someone call you?  Yes, you hear it right duas have the power to make someone anything that we desire. In form of duas, we pray to Allah Talah and ask him to fulfill our desires mentioned in duas.

Dua to make someone call you is given below as:

  • During any time of the day, you should make fresh ablution and sit at a clean place.
  • Then recite this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala 151 times “Ya Wajidu
  • Then blow it on a glass of water and make the person you want to talk to you drink it.
  • If the person is not available, then don’t blow on the water, just think of that person and blow on him/her

Insha Allah, by the effect of this dua, a person will soon make a call to you and will talk to you.

Dua To Make Someone Contact You

Many times you want your lover to contact you after a breakup as you don’t want to initiate the communication. Maybe you feel guilty about what happened in past or you don’t have the courage to contact your lover. Whatever may be the reason, you can always make dua to make someone contact you. after reciting this dua successfully you the person you crave will make contact with you and things will sort out automatically.

Here, we are giving you below a dua to make someone contact you.

  • Start a Fresh Ablution.
  • Look for a clean place where you can recite Dua while keeping your mind focussed.
  • Sit in direction of Qibla and Recite Dua “Ya Wadudu” for 101 times without a gap.
  • Keep the picture of the person in your mind with whom you want to contact.
  • Now take a glass full of water and blow on the surface of the water and give it to the person to drink.
  • Insha Allah, that person will be in contact with you soon… Ameen.
  • If you need any kind of further assistance in this just give a call to our Islamic scholar and he will guide you in this.

You have to keep faith in Allah Talah and Insha Allah one day your lover will contact you automatically.



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