Dua To Make Someone Listen To You -Dua To Make Someone Obay

Dua To Make Someone Listen To You

Are your children not listening to you? Are your children not obeying you? Do you want your husband to agree to you?

If you find yourself in similar situations then you must recite the dua to make someone listen to you. Children are the beautiful gifts of Allah and they are under the full responsibility of parents. It is the obligation of parents to cultivate good manners and ethics in their children. Every parent wants their children to follow good manners and respect everyone. These values and behavior shape their future and help them grow to become good people.

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Dua To Make Someone Obey You

Sometimes children feel that their parents are unnecessarily exerting pressure on them for studies, behavior, etc. It is not the fault of children every time. They get influenced by outside people or society due to which they behave rudely with their parents. It becomes very difficult to control the children in such situations. It is a growing concern for all parents worldwide.

It is very important to keep your children on the right path. This can be achieved with this dua to make someone obey you.  With the help of this dua, you will be successful in guiding your children on the right path. They will follow you and obey all the rules of the family and Islamic rules.

Dua To Make Someone Agree With You

In order to make someone agree with you or obey you can recite the dua to make someone agree with you. Whether your children are not obeying you or your husband is not listening to you, you can recite this dua. The verses of the dua have been taken from the ayatas of the Quran and are very powerful in taking the right step. Insha Allah your children will respect you and trust you. Your husband will agree with you about your decisions and choices and pay respect to you.

You can recite this dua to make someone obey you.

Recite Quran-e-Kareem Surah Faatir chapter35 Makkah سورة فاطر

 ۖ  إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُسْمِعُ مَن يَشَاءُ

This dua in English is as follows:  innALLAHA yusmiu’ manyashaoo

This Dua to make someone obey you in Urdu is as follows:

بے شک الله سناتا ہے جسے چاہے

Recite the Ayat #22 of Surah Fatir from Quran. Recite the ayatas as more as you can do.

Blow it on the person whom you want to obey you.

After this pray to Allah to make someone obey you. Insha Allah your prayers will be heard and you will be able to live peacefully.

The dua to make someone listen to you will solve all your problems of family. Your children will follow all the proper etiquette and abide by all the rules and obligations. If your husband does not listen to you or pays attention to you, he will bind to listen to you and agree to you.

If you are still facing some problems in your family, then you can contact our molvi saheb. He will provide you the best solutions for your problems.

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