Dua For Making Someone Love You

dua for making someone love you

Dua For Love

Love is one of the most essential feelings in the life of every human. Life without love is just a dull experience that no person deserves to have. To keep each and every aspect of life full of love and happiness, every Muslim person should perform the dua for love on a regular basis.

The dua for love is a very easy remedy that helps people keep their lives full of love and affection. Whatever relationships they have in life, to keep them safe and happy the dua for having love is the best thing to do. The dua for a lover is the best way to bring more love in the romantic relationship in the life of any person.

Every person should continuously perform the dua for love in life to make sure that they never get to face a bad phase in their life. This special dua is a way to ensure that your life never has to see a phase in which you feel unloved. The people you dearly love are also benefitted from this simple yet highly efficient dua.

Dua For Lover

Finding true love in this modern world is a very difficult task. When a man or woman wishes to find love in their life, they should seek guidance from Allah himself. Every Muslim knows that only Allah has the right to change our destiny. He is the only one who has the power to fulfill every wish of the people who follow him wholeheartedly. To ask Allah to fulfill your wish of finding true love in life, you should take the help of the dua for your lover.

The dua for lover in the holy Quran is the best remedy to have love in your life. This remedy can be performed by both men and women. People who wish to find love soon in their life should waste no time in beginning the practice of this special dua.

People who actually have a girlfriend or boyfriend and wish only happiness for them should also perform this dua for their lover. They should perform the dua for my lover to ask for Allah’s blessing over their beloved and your beautiful relationship.

dua for  lover

Dua For Making Someone Love You

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the life of every human being. While falling in love and having their love requited is a blessing, very few people get to experience this blessing. Being in a one-sided love situation is heartbreaking for a lot of people. A lot of people fall into the pit of depression and sadness just because they don’t get loved back by someone they truly love. The best remedy to get rid of this sadness is the dua for making someone love you.

Dua to make someone love you is the best way to develop the feelings of love in the heart of any person. Imagine falling in love with a genuine and amazing person. You love how good they look, how caring they are and how well-mannered they are. Would anyone not want to have a relationship with such a nice person? To make this wish of having a romantic relationship with this person come true, the best thing to put your effort in is the dua for making someone love you.

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The dua to make someone love you is also a remedy for those people who wish to get married to a person they really like. To make the other person fall back in love with them for the intention of marriage is something this dua can make happen. This powerful dua is very effective in taking control over the heart and mind of the person you want to fall in love with you.

To make someone fall in love with you, you have to complete this wazifa with a pure intention.

  • Clean yourself properly by performing ablution.
  • Put a few pieces of sweets on a plate before you.
  • As you start, begin reciting Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then begin 15 recitations of Surah Fatiha.
  • Then again, you have to recite Darood Shareef for 11 times.
  • After completing this ask Allah Tala to fulfill your wish.
  • You have to then make the person you like eat the sweets.
  • You have to perform this wazifa for 15 days without missing a single day.
  • Within a few days, you will start seeing the changed behavior of your crush towards you.

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Like the dua to make someone love you, the dua to make someone love you back is used for making people love you. The only difference between both these duas is that in the former one, the other person is totally unaware of the feelings of the person who performs the dua. In the latter dua, the other person whose love you wish for is aware of how you feel for them.

Let’s begin our imagination again. Imagine you are in love with an amazing person and you express your true feeling for them. After you open up your heart for them, you get to know that they don’t have any feelings for you. Now this situation can be heartbreaking and embarrassing at the same time. So, to save yourself from embarrassment, we suggest you perform the dua to make someone love you back.

Keep in mind that you have to perform the dua for someone to love you back before even thinking of expressing your feelings. What we mean to say is that this dua is a way to ensure that the person who you love begin having feelings for you first. Only when they begin showing interest in you, only then should you go and talk to them about your feelings.

In other words, dua for someone to love you is for all those people who are aware of their feelings. This dua helps them in knowing what their crush feels for them. This dua is one of the easiest ways to make your crush come to terms with your qualities. Once they understand how good of a person you are, their heart will waste no time in developing some lovely feelings for you.

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Dua For Someone You Love

When a human falls in love with another human, the selfless love and care for them is unexplainable. Every person who understands what selfless love is would wish for only happiness for the person they love. To wish for your lover’s happiness, you should perform the dua for someone you love on a regular routine.

If you love someone truly, wouldn’t you want to keep them happy always? Making a tiny prayer to keep your lover happy is not much of an effort. The people who regularly perform all the daily namaz should spare a few extra minutes to wish for everything good for their lover.

Not just your lover in a relationship, the dua for someone you love can be used for praying for all the people in your life. Every one of us has some special people in our lives and we wish only the best for them. This dua is a remedy that will protect all of the special people in our lives from every negative aspect of life. This Quranic dua is a very simple remedy that protects all the people who are special in the life of the person who performs the dua.

dua for someone you love

Dua For Someone To Fall In Love With You

What happens when you express your feelings of love to someone and they realize that they are not sure about their feelings? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make them fall in love with you too? To make this happen, dua for someone to fall in love with you is the best remedy to help your case. 

The only thing to be kept in mind while performing the dua for someone to fall in love with you is the intention. If you are aware that the person you like is already in love with someone then do not even think of doing any wazifa. If you are not serious about loving the person and are doing it just for the sake of your infatuation then too we suggest to not doing it. The results of all duas and wazifa are seen only when they are done with a pure heart.

  • Even though there is no specific day to begin this process but we suggest you start this on a Thursday.
  • Perform ablution and complete your daily namaz.
  • Put a picture of your lover and a sugar cube in front of you.
  • Recite this verse for three hundred times: “Zaa laa Doraan Omaakh Anilaantey Domaantey Zakah”.
  • Now ask Allah Tala to make that person fall in love with you very soon.
  • Make the person you love eat that sugar cube.
  • Perform this for 15 days continuously.

To know more about these special duas, get in touch with our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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