Dua For Married Couple – Dua For Wedding Couple

Dua For Married Couple

Dua For Married Couple

Newly married couples are given thousands of blessings to have a bright and amazing start of their life. Everyone who meets them, greets them comes up with a dua for a married couple so that they may never face any problem in their married life and have a great start. The dua brings happiness, prosperity, success and contentment in their marriage. It is meant to bless the couple with the best things which anyone can think for them. Hence you should try to give the best dua for a married couple.

In order to make all the satanic activities, effects of jinn and black magic stay away from the newly married couple, one should bless them with dua for the married couple. The dua keeps them away from all the bad things of the world and never let them get exposed to anything bad. If you meet a newly married couple, then you should recite the dua for the married couple for them. It showcases your love for them and doesn’t let them get affected by your intentional or unintentional evil eye.

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Dua For The Married Couple

Dua For The Married Couple

So, recite the dua for wedding couple either on their day of marriage or whenever you meet them and Insha Allah, it will be the best wedding gift for them. Nothing is better than gifting your dua to someone, you never know Allah Miyan would listen to whose words. So always make dua in the best interest of the person. The dua for wedding couple will bring good things to the couple and prevent any mishap or bad from happening to them. It will keep them in the light of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and make their marriage work in the best possible way.

You can get the dua for married couples from our molvi sb. He will give you the exact dua to be performed during the wedding of a person. Whether you are present in their nikah or not, whether you visit them on their reception, you can greet them with dua for the married couple and bless them wholeheartedly. The dua will bring barakah to their wedding and keep their wedding fresh and long lasting. It will have a positive impact on their wedding and Insha Allah, satan would never be able to create any problem between the couple. So get the dua today and practice it every time you get in contact with someone who is newly married or a couples you appreciate. 

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Dua For Wedding Couple

Dua For Wedding Couple

Dua for a married couple is given below:

“Barakal Laaho Laka Wa Baraka Alaika Wa Jama’ aa Baina Kuma Fi Khairin”

Another dua to bring prosperity and blessings to the married couples is:

“Alal Khairi Wal Bakatu Wa Ala Khairi Ta’irin”

Recite this dua just once when you greet a couple and blow on them. Insha Allah, it will bring good omen, blessing and success to their married life.

The dua is small and can easily be remembered by anyone. It is a great way to send blessings upon the married couple

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