Dua For Couples – Marriage Dua For Couple

Dua For Couple

Dua For Couple

As a guest whenever you visit a marriage, then you need to greet the couple with something good for their married life ahead. It is said that if the couple makes a healthy start with the mighty name of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and His Qalam then they will have a happy and prosperous life ahead. However, in order to bless the couple, you should make dua for couple. The dua will bring happiness, success and prosperity in the lives of the newly married couple. 

Even if the couples is not newly married and you see them after a long time, then also, you should greet them with dua for couples. Remember, Satan is present everywhere and he is looking for moments when he can play his game and bring bad things in your life. But, when you greet couples with dua for couples there is no evil eye, jealousy, envy involved and he doesn’t get a chance to get between the couples or harm their relationship in anyway.   

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Dua For Couples

Dua For Couples

If the married couple wants to bring compatibility, peace and happiness in their relationship, then they should make marriage dua for couple. The dua will help in making their marriage heaven. It will wipe out all the problems, issues and differences from their marriage and bring in nothing but good. So, if you are looking for ways to make your marriage fruitful, perfect and long lasting, then you should definitely recite marriage dua for couple. Indeed Allah Miyan will bless them and bring goodness and health in their marriage. 

Dua for couple is meant to cut down all the possibilities of bringing bad luck or harm to the couple. No matter whether you look the couple with good intentions or bad, sometimes they may be victim of evil eye. Under such circumstances dua for couples plays a vital role and helps you in protecting the newly married couple from all the bad things of the world. It even keeps the bride and groom secure from jinn. Doing marriage dua for couples helps them to stay with one another all their life. There will be only love understanding and loyalty in their relationship. It is important to get the procedure of dua for couples from our molvi sb. and then start reciting it as directed. You should memorize the dua and say it every time you meet a new couple. 

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Marriage Dua For Couple

Marriage Dua For Couple

It will bring them fortune, togetherness and better luck from your side and you don’t know whose prayers are being heard in this moment. So, never hesitate in giving dua to anyone, especially new couples.

Dua for couple:

Whenever you meet a couple, bless them with the dua given below:

Baarakal Laahu Laka Wa Baaraka Alayka Wa Jaamaa’ aa Bayna Kuma Fee Khayrin

It is a small dua and anyone can learn it for the betterment of their relationship and anyone else they want.

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